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Launch your own AI copywriting tool

SalesSniperGPT gives you your own copywriting tool that is powered by ChatGPT, preloaded with $500k of copy templates, and works on any device. AND.. you can then profit from it by selling it to others, and reselling it for 100% commissions.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Q: What is the Sales Sniper GPT App?

A: The Sales Sniper GPT is a tool that allows users to create sales key copy elements like email swipes, headlines, subheadlines and story arcs quickly and easily. It also includes resell rights

Q: What copy is the app preloaded with?

A: The Sales Sniper GPT App is preloaded with a mixture of the WarriorPlus top-sellers as of March 2023, and also some of my own all-time most proven copy. All are accessible in just one click.

Q: How does resell/white-labelling work?

A: You will get this sales page (just switch the buy link), plus an explanation of how to rebrand the app. You can download the tool to your own domain/hosting in 1 minute. AND we show you how to remake it with GPT too!

Q: Who is Sales Sniper GPT for?

A: The Sales Sniper GPT is for anyone who wants to sell online (with the copy app), BUT its especially for people who want to "double up" their income and resell the app too!

Q: What are the benefits of using Sales Sniper GPT?

A: The benefits of using the Sales Sniper GPT include being able to create a sales letter quickly and easily, and having access to proven email swipes.

Q: What makes the Sales Sniper GPT unique?

A: What makes the Sales Sniper GPT unique is its ability to create sales letters quickly and easily, and its access to proven email swipes - based on $500k of top-selling sales templates, right now!

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Instant Access To SalesSniperGPT...

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